Center for Ocean Engineering

About The Center

Posted on May 1st, 2012 by coe_admin

For nearly a century, MIT has been a leading center of ship research and design, and is widely recognized for its contributions in such areas as hydrodynamics, ship structural mechanics and dynamics, propeller design, and overall ship design. The Pratt School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, which was established through a bequest to MIT in 1912, is an integral part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Today, MIT is at the forefront of ocean science and engineering, with significant efforts in fluid mechanics and hydrodynamics, acoustics, offshore mechanics, marine robotics and sensors, and ocean sensing and forecasting. In addition, the Naval Construction program provides advanced graduate education on the design of naval ships and vehicles.

Mission Statement

The Center is a focal point for interdepartmental collaborations, interactions with other MIT schools, as well as outside the Institute. It maintains and projects the MIT presence in Ocean Engineering through a number of initiatives, including seminars, arranging for visiting scientists and engineers, and maintaining an extensive web page.

Faculty and staff in the Center address a number of ocean-related activities, including:

  • observation and exploration of the ocean
  • naval construction and engineering
  • ocean resource development
  • shipping and transportation
  • ocean energy
  • ocean acoustics
  • the role of the ocean in the global environment and in climate change
  • oceanographic engineering
  • marine robotics
  • biomimetics


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