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8/28/17 – New Director of the Center for Ocean Engineering announced!

from Prof. Gang Chen, Department Head, Mechanical Engineering Department:

I am pleased to appoint Professor Nick Makris as the next director of the Center for Ocean Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, effective September 1, 2017. He is succeeding Professor Michael Triantafyllou, who has recently taken the directorship of MIT Sea Grant.  As the director of the Center for Ocean Engineering, Professor Makris will also hold the William I. Koch Professorship of Marine Technology.

Professor Makris is an international leader in ocean science and engineering. After graduating from MIT with a SB in Physics and PhD in Ocean Engineering, he served at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington DC where he conducted research with many of the US Navy’s advanced undersea sensing tools, vessels, aircraft and facilities around the world before returning to MIT as a faculty member. He has published extensively on the physics of sensing and perception; wave propagation and scattering in random dispersive media; noise, scintillation and statistical estimation; undersea exploration; marine ecology; efficient and economical hurricane power quantification from underwater sound; and polar and icy satellite exploration. He served as Chief Scientist on numerous large international oceanographic expeditions around the world from the Nordic Seas to the Revillagigedo Islands of Central America. He has pioneered the use of ocean acoustic waveguide remote sensing to instantaneously image and continuously monitor oceanic fish and marine mammal populations over continental shelf scales.  

Professor Makris has presented his sensing methods on Capitol Hill at the US House of Representatives in the context of fisheries and at the House of Lords of the UK Parliament in the context of nuclear nonproliferation. He has worked with Senator John Kerry and the Massachusetts State Government to help resolve the New England Fisheries Crisis. He served on NASA’s Science Definition Team for the Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter, and is a Secretary of the Navy/Chief of Naval Operations Scholar of Oceanographic Sciences.

I would also use this opportunity to thank Professor Michael Triantafyllou for his strong leadership and dedicated service to the Center for Ocean Engineering since its inception. I look forward to working with Nick to continue the long tradition of excellence of our Ocean Engineering program and to bring it to new heights. 



The Center for Ocean Engineering frequently host lectures and talks that are open to the public. In addition, our students and faculty regularly win awards for discoveries, research, and their published work. Subscribe to updates through our facebook page for the latest news & events or check our calendar for a synopsis of the schedule.

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Past Lectures & Seminars

T.F. Ogilvie Lecture Series

  • 2012 Fishes and Dipoles—Prof. Eva Kanso, University of Southern California
  • 2011 Dynamics and Hydrodynamics of Novel Vessels—Prof. Leigh McCue, Virginia Tech
  • 2010 Unsteady Hydrodynamics in Bio-inspired Propulsion—Prof. John O. Dabiri
  • 2009 Simulation-Based Study of Wind-Wave Interaction—Prof. Lian Shen
  • 2006 Spatial and Temporal Behavior of Atlantic Herring—Prof. Purnima Ratilal

Robert B. Wallace Lecture Series

  • 2013 Developing Safe Designs for an Uncertain Future – Christopher Wiernicki
  • 2012 Acoustic Communications and Underwater Networks – Milica Stojanovic
  • 2011 New Phenomena in Vortex-induced Vibrations – Charles Williamson
  • 2009 Bio-inspired Flow Optimization – Petros Koumoutsakos
  • 2008 Measurement of Large Scale Bubbly Flows – Morteza Gharib
  • 2003 Predictability and Uncertainty – Professor George Karniadakis

Ocean Engineering Seminars

Please check back throughout the semester to see what our calendar has to offer

  • Warship 2011: Naval Submarines and Underwater Unmanned Vehicles
  • 2009 Why Don’t Mackerel Swim Like Eels? — Prof. Fotis Sotiropoulos
  • 2007 Acoustic Communications and Ocean Observatories — Prof. Art Baggeroer